It’s A Cover-Up

One thing I really dislike about going to the beach is getting sticky.  Between the sunscreen, the salt water, and the sand that sticks to EVERY thing it’s not comfortable.  What’s worse is when you have to put clothing on over your swimsuit.  Even most cover-ups can be difficult to maneuver because of all the stickiness.

This little cover up just might be the answer.  It comes in a variety of colors and two different lengths: above the knee and maxi (available in short or regular).

What’s unique about this cover up?  It does not go over your head, nor do you need to step into it.  It’s as easy as sliding your arms into the straps – making it a wonderfully versatile item for the summer.




Available at for $29.50 – $39.50.


The wrap maxi is available for $39.50 – 54.50 at

I went to my local Victoria’s Secret mega store to get one, but it appears they’re only available online at this time.


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