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A Little Boho


The Boho look is a fashion trend that is comfortable and loose.  It’s great trend that is easy to  wear.  I recently came across an online boutique, Winter Lennon, that has some great pieces that are trendy, cute and comfortable. You might notice a trend among the trend…all these pieces are $40 and under.  In fact, [...]

Got Milk? Many families don’t.

DonateMilk thumbnail

We’ve all heard “Milk, it does the body good”.  Milk is an essential part of our diet. Not only is it a good source of calcium and protein, it’s full of vitamins and minerals needed to fuel our bodies. Now you might be curious why I’m blogging about milk instead of comfortable stylish clothes.  Today [...]

Obsessed With Orange


I’ve become obsessed with orange this summer.  I’ve always liked the color, but I’m now finding I have more of it in my closet.  It’s a versatile color that mixes well with every color – brown, blue, pink, purple, green and white.  I try to avoid orange and black because it just feels too much [...]

It’s A Short Thing


I’m definitely a dress kind of girl, but this season shorts have really caught my attention.  Designers are offering shorts that are not your every day chinos.  This season the shorts are textured, jeweled, laser cut and more!  They can be worn either day or night.  With flats, sandals, flip flops, or heels.  Versatility all [...]

Easy Quinoa Salad


I stumbled on this fabulous recipe and prepared it for a Memorial Day cookout.  It was a hit with both the adults and the children. I followed the recipe, but doubled it for the party.  I was thrilled to have leftovers of this savory salad.  Instead of just serving our leftovers as a side dish [...]

Eye Catching Looks


One way to look stylish this summer is to wear something with eyelet detail.  I typically associate eyelet with white (and yes, white will be popular again now that summer is kicking off with Memorial Day weekend).  I found some great pieces with eyelet detail that are more than your basic white.  And, because of the big [...]

It’s A Little Graphic


I’m not a graphic tee person, but these are pretty darn cute.  In fact, I’m slightly obsessed with these.  These tees are comfortable and loose-fititng.  Naturally, you can wear one of these graphic tees with shorts or jeans, but you can also dress it up with a cute little skirt. Are these cute, or what?! [...]

It’s A Cover-Up


One thing I really dislike about going to the beach is getting sticky.  Between the sunscreen, the salt water, and the sand that sticks to EVERY thing it’s not comfortable.  What’s worse is when you have to put clothing on over your swimsuit.  Even most cover-ups can be difficult to maneuver because of all the [...]

Absolutely Mad For Midis


My newest love is the midi skirt.  It has a vintage look that I absolutely adore. The midi skirt is the in-between skirt.  It’s in between the above the knee skirt and the maxi skirt.  The hem generally falls anywhere from just below the knee to mid-calf.  If you are short (like me), the thought [...]

It’s In The Tank


This is my first summer since my surgery.  Why is that significant?  Well, I usually wear a lot of strapless tops and sundresses.  Now that I have a device implanted in my chest I’m not so sure I want to wear those types of clothes.  The scar does not look bad, but the device isn’t [...]